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Why Should You Think About Dentures?

If you are missing teeth and don’t want to experience the decreased dental function, altered facial appearance, and loss of confidence that typically comes from losing teeth, then a denture is worth considering. Dentures are specially-made dental appliances that hold replacement teeth on either a permanent dental implants or a removable dental frame. They can completely restore your smile and your quality of life with ease, And regular care and cleaning and keep them in good condition for a decade or more.

What Kinds Of Dentures Will You Be Able To Choose?

You can find a full range of dentures in Westminster by simply visiting our dental practice. Our dentist will perform a dental examination, describe your denture options, and recommend the ideal denture for your dental and personal needs. Take a look below for more information about at the affordable quality dentures offered by our dentists:

Full Dentures

A full denture can completely replace all of the teeth in your lower and upper jaws. And you can select from a fixed full denture that relies on a set of dental implants for stability in your mouth, or a removable full denture which is simply worn on top of your gums. Regardless of your choice, you will first need to have any of your remaining teeth taken out and then wear a temporary denture to give your mouth a chance to heal. When you have healed, you will return to our dentist for a fitting of your permanent denture.

A Partial Denture

Partial dentures make it possible to replace only the few teeth you are missing while keeping all of your remaining natural healthy teeth. This denture features a removable bridge-like structure with tiny clasps that attach to the teeth on both sides to hold in your mouth. Every night, you have to take it out for cleaning to make it last.

A Flexible Partial Denture

These dentures are more comfortable and discreet than a traditional denture with its noticeable meal clasps and very firm foundation. Instead, a flexible denture has light, limber clasps and a soft, supple foundation made out of a flesh-colored substance. As a result, it will be impossible to tell that you’re wearing a denture at all.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Just as their name suggests, these dentures are securely supported in your mouth by a set of two or four dental implants. This makes them different than a traditional denture that loosely lays on your gums and is prone to embarrassing slips. An implant-supported denture is typically on used in your bottom jaw since its enhanced security isn’t needed by your upper jaw. Their only similarity to a traditional denture is that nightly removal and cleaning is essential.

All-on-Four Dentures

With an All-on-Four denture, you only need four dental implants properly placed in your lower jaw to get a whole set of replacement teeth. This innovative implant technique gives you the convenience of fixed dentures and enhanced biting strength.

Does Getting Dentures Require A Long Procedure?

The denture creation and placement process is surprisingly rapid and simple. Of course, the precise procedure will vary by whether you need any prior preparation and the type of denture you want. Most of the time, the procedure begins with our taking a set of dental impressions and measurements to create an appliance that perfectly fits your mouth. Afterward, any unhealthy teeth get removed and a temporary denture is provided for you to wear while your permanent dentures are custom-made. The process differs slightly if you have chosen an implant-supported denture because you will get your implants embedded by our dentist at this point. As soon as your permanent denture has been completed, our dentist will place and adjust it for maximum comfort and dental function.

If You Have A Limited Budget, Can You Find Affordable Quality Dentures?

Absolutely, just come to our dental practice. We offer a wide variety of dentures for every restoration and financial need. Since what dentures cost can vary by the type you choose and any prior preparation required, our dentists will explain all of your options and recommend the ideal denture for you. To schedule your denture consultation, please call our office today.

Should You Get A Soft Denture Reline?

Many of our patients choose a soft reline if they want the discomfort of the firm, acrylic lining used in a traditional denture. A soft reline is a much a softer and bendable material that remains flexible for several years to eliminate the common problems of denture sore spots and pain.

Why suffer and settle for a life with missing teeth when dentures can completely restore your smile. Please call our practice to hear more about the many ways that a denture can improve your life.

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This is the best experience I have ever had with a dentist. I was in and out quickly, they gave thorough recommendations for future treatments, and my out-of-pocket costs were well explained.
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The care and concern of all your employees
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We absolutely love Dental One of Westminster. Dr Sagafi is so awesome and explains everything and is always willing to answer our questions. Our favorite dental assistant Tess puts my daughters mind […]
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Dental One Associates of Westminster has been awesome to be a client of. The orthodontist Dr. Segafi was able to fix my overbite and middle allignment and I couldn’t have chosen a better […]
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It’s a nice practice & I received courteous & prompt service. Very nice & professional staff.
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Hygienist that cleaned teeth was very nice and friendly. Very good at her job!
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Hygienist Jenny, who I did not know, was excellent. Not only was her “chairside manner” outstanding, but she was very professional and knowledgeable. She is the first D.H. who suggested I […]
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Super friendly. On time, I didn’t have to wait for more than 5 minutes. Very gentle and understanding of my dental fears.
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Everyone is always so nice
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